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What is Art? Environment Identity Designing Spaces and Places
Ernest Whiteman
Time required: 6–7 50 minute classes

Click here to view a multimethodological study focused
on this web-based curriculum project, funded by the
Perpich Center for Arts Education, written by Barbara
Rogers Bridges, Ph.D.

Teacher Lesson inspired by the work of Ernest
Whiteman, Untitled, appearing on ArtsNetMN

Carolyn Olson
Nancy Ratzloff
Judy Broekmeier, Me.D.
Barbara Rogers Bridges, Ph. D.
David Beaman
with Ernest Whiteman

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On February 18th, 2000, three Minnesota teachers met
with the artist, Ernest Whiteman, to develop this unit.
The following unit was customized by the teachers for
their specific constituencies, and was piloted in three
different ways. Please click on each Teacher Thread at
the end of the Introduction for individual Teacher Notes,
Reflections, Additional Resources, student exemplars
etc. All blue underlined text provides additional resources.
Just click with mouse to view.

Click on one/all of the teacher lessons below to view
the lesson, teacher reflections, student exemplars and
community involvement.

Nancy Ratzloff, Little Falls

Judy Broekmeier, Me.D., Mora

Carolyn Olson, Cotton

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