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James Rosenquist
Discussion Questions/Activities

List everything James Rosenquist included in this mural. Why do you think Rosenquist chose these images? What do you think is the theme of this work?

This mural shows images from American popular culture in the early 1960s. Update this mural to the 1990s or the 21st century. What images would you change? What ones would you add? Which would stay the same? Give reasons for your changes.

Rosenquist, World's Fair Mural
James Rosenquist, World's Fair Mural
James Rosenquist cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers and other media and used them in his paintings. Begin a collection of images that interest you. After you have a large collection select some images at random to put together in a collage or drawing. Share your work with several different people and ask them what they see and what they feel is the theme of the work.


popular culture--The opposite of high cultural art forms, such as the opera, historic art, classical music, traditional theater or literature; popular culture includes many forms of cultural communication including newspapers, television, advertising, comics, pop music, radio, cheap novels, movies, jazz, etc. In the beginning of the 20th century, "high art" was the realm of the wealthy and educated classes while popular culture or "low art" was considered commercial entertainment for the lower classes. In the 1950s and 1960s the gulf between high and low art closed with the rise of Pop Art.

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