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Frank Gehry
Discussion Questions/Activities

Gehry has said he wants his buildings to look both finished and unfinished at the same time. Do you think this sculpture has that quality? If a work of art is unfinished, can it still be art?

Do you think a glass fish is a fitting personal symbol for Gehry? Why or why not? Where did Gehry live and work? Did this influence his choice of a symbol?

What animal would you choose as your personal symbol? Make a drawing of the animal and emphasize the qualities or characteristics that appeal to you. Put in as much detail as possible. Write about why you selected this animal as your symbol.

American architect Frank Lloyd Wright used personal symbols in his architectural and furniture designs. Choose a plant or flower and reduce the shape to a symbol by simplifying the form. For example, the fleur-de-lis is a symbol that represents an iris or a lily.



How does the symbol you designed represent your identity? Next, design a chain using this symbol repeatedly to create a repetitive pattern. Use this personal design to make stationery.

Repetitive pattern
Repetitive symbol pattern

Or, design a piece of furniture using your symbol as the focus.

Furniture with symbol
Bed with French, Native American and Celtic symbols

repetitive pattern--A visual shape (or dance step or musical note) that is repeated over and over.

symbol--Usually an image that stands for an idea or object.


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