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Frank Gehry
About the Artist

Architect Frank Gehry was born in Toronto, Canada, and now lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Gehry has a reputation for using ordinary materials, such as chain-link fencing, raw plywood, corrugated sheet metal, and stainless steel in his buildings. He is also known for creating playful forms that are as close to sculpture as to architecture. Gehry has won many awards for his buildings and has changed the way many people think about buildings and how they look.

Fish images are frequently found in Gehry's design notation, artworks, architecture, and furniture. When planning a building, Gehry often sketches imaginary fish into his drawings to show where he needs to add something more or work out a design problem. He has designed a building for a restaurant in Japan which is shaped like fish. He has also made fish lamps out of Formica and torn paper. Gehry has said that fish are a personal symbol for him, connected to his constant search for new and creative ideas.

For more information about Frank Gehry see the Environment Theme.


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