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Navigation and Content

  • Wherever you are in the site, you can always return to the ArtsNet Minnesota entry page by clicking on the ArtsNet Minnesota logo in the upper left of the page.

  • You can click on any museum artwork to go to a larger version. Many of the illustrations also have larger versions. Check the captions for instructions.
blank boxUse the colored boxes to navigate from any main area of the site to any other area of the site. The area you are exploring will be indicated by both the color of the side stripe and the text, not surrounded by a box, on the bottom left of the screen.
  • ArtsNet Minnesota focuses on artworks, arranged thematically, from four Minnesota museums.


The following icons are used for special purposes in the ArtsNet Minnesota Web site.
magnify Click on the plus sign to see a magnified version of the artwork.
Continue the Tour The Tour arrow leads from Gallery to Gallery. You can leave the tour at any time, and return when you navigate to any Gallery.


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If you find printing colored text LIKE THIS impractical, you may override the colored text tagging in favor of black text by turning off the color option in your printer options list. Choose "print" from the browser toolbar and click the "options" button to go from "color" to "black and white" from the printer menu.


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