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Vincent van Gogh
Teacher Lesson

Creator: Dyann Tigges
Title: Olive Trees
Medium Used in Production Activity: Acrylic paint and tempera
Target Age: Freshman & Sophomore

Objectives (one or all - history, aesthetics, criticism, production):

Students will be able to create a picture in Impressionistic style
Students will gain an appreciation of Vincent Van Gogh

Materials Needed: (What do you need for supplies)

  • Paint brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • tempera paints
  • heavy weight tag board ( mat board)

Preparation (What do you need for presentation and pre-production supply preparation):

-Several different pictures of apple orchards
-Several different prints of Van Gogh
-Hand out on brief history/background on Van Gogh

Procedure (What will you do... What will the students do):

  1. Compare apple orchards to olive orchards
  2. Study Van Gogh handout and prints - making verbal comments about the observations
  3. Begin their work - 4 days
  4. Positive critique

Clean-up (Who/How):
Teacher will have supplies
Students clean up after themselves
Two students check sinks, two students check table tops, two students check supplies

Evaluation (Did the students meet your objectives?) Might use peer, self and/or instructor:
Positive Critique: done by students
a. Check for apple orchard
b. Check for one point perspective
c. Check for brushstrokes

Examples of student work (if you have any)
Example of Student Work - Van Gogh Example of Student Work - Van Gogh

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