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Louis Lozowick
Discussion Questions/Activities

Lozowick, New York
Louis Lozowick, New York

Did Louis Lozowick's peasant background influence his interest in the emerging industrial society with its increasing emphasis on machines?


Create a clay relief sculpture of the front of your home environment. Start with a detailed pencil sketch. Add all the clay details such as siding, window frames, porches, shrubs, flowers and door decorations.

E=MC2 Today we are impressed with the possibilities of technology. We are sure the new machines--computers--will bring us expanded knowledge. What impact does the computer have on our lives and our environment? List all the positive aspects and all the negative aspects. Lozowick was at first optimistic about the Industrial Age. But he became disenchanted. Do you feel that way about modern technology?

Have you ever visited New York City or the desert or the tropics? Did you feel like a "fish out of water?" What does that old saying mean? Draw a picture of yourself in a strange environment. Write a paragraph explaining how you felt. How is this place different from where you live? How did other people react to you? How did you react to them? What made you uncomfortable? What seemed familiar?

Using a picture of the Minneapolis skyline, create a Cubist painting of the city. Make the painting monochromatic. Choose one color and use different tints and shades to describe the architecture in the scene.


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Vocabulary Terms

Cubism--An early 20th Century style of art characterized by overlapping picture planes, multiple perspectives; analytic cubism looks at all views at once; synthetic cubism is basically two-dimensional.

monochromatic--One color.


shade--A gradation of a color mixed with black.

tint--A gradation of a color mixed with white.

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