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Marsden Hartley
About the Artist

Nature Drawing Edmund Marsden Hartley called himself a "Maine-iac." He was born in Lewiston, Maine, in 1877, the only boy in a family of nine children. Hartley began drawing subjects from nature at age 13, when he helped document the indigenous butterflies, insects, and flowers of the area for a local naturalist. As an adult, he studied at the Cleveland School of Art, and the Chase School and the National Academy of Design, both in New York. He spent winters in New York and summers in Maine. During this time he studied a technique called the Segantini "stitch." Using this technique, pure color is applied side-by-side in long, heavy strokes on the canvas. The result looks like an embroidery stitch. Sometimes the thick paint , or impasto, was 1/8-inch deep. Hartley painted several paintings using this technique but did not receive much money or recognition. This was not a positive time in his life. In 1909, Alfred Stieglitz, a famous photographer and the husband of painter Georgia O' Keeffe, gave Hartley the space to produce a one-man exhibition that launched his career.

Hartley died in Ellsworth, Maine, in 1943 at age of 66. By the end of his career he had written four books and created more than 1,000 paintings.

For more about Marsden Hartley see the Identity Theme.

Vocabulary Terms

impasto--A painting technique in which the paint is applied very thickly on the canvas.

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