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Frank Gehry
About the Artist

Gehry portrait One of the most original architects working in the United States today, Frank Gehry was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1929. When he was young, his grandparents, Jewish immigrants from Poland, owned a hardware store. From the age of 10, Gehry worked there part-time. Stocking the store shelves with the usual hardware inventory of nails, screws, pipes, hammers, bolts, saws, chains, fencing, roofing, paint and glass, young Gehry became fascinated with "the nature of materials." With his grandmother, Gehry would collect scraps from the floor of the store's "fix-it" department and use them to create models for futuristic cities and other constructions.

When Gehry was 17, he moved with his family to Los Angeles, California. Gehry studied architecture at the University of Southern California. Later, he studied city Planning at Harvard University. He established his own firm in 1962 in Los Angeles. Since that time, he has designed public and private buildings in America, Japan and Europe. While his designs for buildings are often unusual and controversial, many people consider him one of the most important architects working today. He has received international recognition and numerous architectural awards.

In addition to designing buildings, Gehry has also designed cardboard and bent-wood furniture, fish-shaped lamps and sculptures. He has often worked with painters, sculptors and performers, particularly Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, creators of the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Near Spoonbridge and Cherry, housed in a glass conservatory, one of Genry's largest fish sculptures is also on view. For more information about Frank Gehry see Identity Theme.

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