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 Berenice Abbott
 Giovanni Canal
 Frank Gehry
 Marsden Hartley
 Louis Lozowick
 Mexico (Nayarit)
 David Nash
 Georgia O'Keeffe
 Vincent van Gogh

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Abbott, Broadway to the Battery Abbott, Murry Hill Hotel Canal, Grand Canal from Palazzo Bembo
Berenice Abbott
Broadway to the Battery
Berenice Abbott
Murray Hill Hotel
Giovanni Antonio Canal
Grand Canal from Palazzo Flangini to Palazzo Bembo
Gehry, Weisman Museum Hartley, Storm Clouds Lozowick, New York
Frank Gehry
Weisman Art Museum
Marsden Hartley
Storm Clouds, Maine
Louis Lozowick
New York
Mexico (Narayit), House Group Nash, Standing Frame O'Keeffe, Oriental Poppies
Mexico (Narayit)
House Group
David Nash
Standing Frame
Georgia O'Keeffe
Oriental Poppies
van Gogh, Olive Trees
Vincent van Gogh
Olive Trees

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